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Pure Himalayan pink rock salt, stone ground in its original purity, unrefined or bleached to keep its natural mineral richness uncontaminated.
It is a reconstructive purifying phase capable of supplying all the trace elements useful for the well-being and care of the hair, rebuilding the salt bridges in the stem structure and the normal hydrolipidic balance of the hair.
It performs a deep cleansing action on the skin by gently removing impurities and the surface layer of dead cells, stimulating and promoting blood circulation. Its purifying action helps to expel toxins while simultaneously assimilating the trace elements and salts it contains.

Mode of use

After applying the HYDRO WASH washing phase and then rinsing the hair, Prepare 200 ml of warm water in a bowl and add 20 g of HALITE with 1-3 drops of geranium o.e.. Blot roots, lengths and ends for at least 6-7 minutes. then rinse and continue the reconstruction treatment.

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