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10 ml


Obtained by steam distilling the leaves of the basil plant.

It acts as an invigorator and stimulant of skin circulation. It is a very versatile essential oil, suitable for all skin types and stems. It performs a rebalancing, regenerating and stimulating action on scalps that do not show abnormalities and prevents their shedding while maintaining a condition of overall balance and well-being.

Mode of use

Add a few drops of essential oil to enhance the action of the detoxifying phase, washing phase and conditioning phase. Applied to dry hair, it has a fortifying and stem-sealing action. Can be mixed with other essential oils.

Active priciples

BASIL (Ocimum basilicum)
In cases of weak hair due to stress or depressed or unresponsive skin to external stimuli.
Rebalancing properties of intestinal bacterial flora, antidepressant, tonic.


Ocimum basilicum oil.


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Detoxifying Phase Skin Preparator
Washing phases
Balancing and Conditioning Phase
Nourishing Phase
Phase Restructuring, Detangling, Nourishing
Strengthening Phases