Nature in fashion

September has just begun, but the hot sun of summer has no intention of giving way to the hues of its successor season. The magic of the Etsch and then Eisack valleys, which accompanies millions of tourists each year in their incessant movement to and from the Brenner Pass, is contained within a narrow horizon: the perception of being in the mountains and the colors of the plains.

It is afternoon. The aspens are tall and all leaning northward. It's a clear sign of high pressure and good weather: the valley thermal has been blowing stronger and stronger for a couple of hours. It has been this way for tens of thousands of years, ever since an immense glacier carved out this beautiful valley and since the mountains around began to make their presence felt. Early in the morning the motion reverses and the wind, relentless, blows from the north. Here and there I notice a few Romanesque roofs belonging to this or that castle, which are numerous in South Tyrol. I am visiting a friend and her husband who live in Egna, along the Brenner freeway.

One of a thousand ancient villages whose history is lost in the meadows trampled by a thousand barbarian invasions. Now, all that is left of it is the memory in the history books. All around I see energy as the wind, invisible magic, with its touch everything lights and releases.

A few wind turbines benefit by giving away electricity without emitting carbon dioxide. There are those who complain from the aesthetic side, but for every human stunt, no matter how ingenious, we will always find the audience applauding and the audience booing. Perhaps it is because they do not know or do not want to read beyond the lines, or they do not see a horizon far enough to accommodate, in the journey between, awareness or foresight.

I would like the journey to never end. I would like to capture all the energy I see.
I would like to be a generator for everyone who sees what I see.
I arrive in the center of Egna: gorgeous, peaceful. The wind creeps through the walls unloading powerful, warm gusts on the parasols of the square's barino. ONE MORE. I ring the doorbell and Helga, always smiling and friendly, opens for me. The energy out there is just infectious....

I think for a moment about our summer haze, the devastating humidity, and wonder what is the magic formula for carving positive energy out of even the least comfortable situations. I will think about it.

Helga seats me in the sample room and I am hit with a burst of creativity. In each garment in the collection I see how much creative flair has been put to the test. I see fashion, I see sport but I also see functionality and wearability.

I have to say that I am a little bit in love with how all this creativity is declined on fabrics. A coat comes apart and becomes a shawl or a bomber jacket, a simple sweatshirt has the elegance of an evening gown... And I start asking questions.

Her company is young, very young, but their experience (hers and her husband Elmar's) are long-standing. From their respect and knowledge of their home territory, a desire to protect the environment, and two decades of expertise in the fashion and ski wear industry, comes the most authentic mission of this young brand: to create a line of cutting-edge sportswear that pays special attention to design, functionality of the garments and their wearability, the result of the alchemy between unusual materials and advanced technical features.

The garments that Helga designs made in the logic of sustainable reuse involve recycled and recyclable materials for both the outer parts and the padding. A combination of high tech and high touch, as they say, including padding, fibers and yarns derived from recycled plastic bottles that has the same characteristics as that from virgin sources but can be regenerated indefinitely.

The renunciation of down and fur in favor of synthetic or recycled materials. All encapsulated in exciting garments, as exciting I believe can be the awareness of being stylish yet respectful of the environment and nature around you. On the table, a riser full of colorful apples invites me to taste them. They come from an uncle's garden.

Then he tells me:-do you like that jacket?- referring to the garment I was holding. -It's made from the peel of my apples...- and he drops the sentence to allow me to realize.

One of ONE MORE's innovative materials is precisely Appleskin. This is a leatherette made by processing industrial apple waste, mostly from South Tyrol. 100% vegan, wear-resistant and UV-resistant, AppleSkin is currently the most natural leatherette on the market today. Appleskin is patented by a Bolzano-based company that has been experimenting with the potential of South Tyrol's most popular fruit for years.

A beautiful way of acknowledging and thanking the nature that hosts us... ONE MORE was the first Italian company and among the first in the world to use this material in the sports sector: a beautiful way of seeing far ahead... I pass this garment, which I now call magical for many reasons, still in my hands and then I imagine the biting of an apple. Two gestures far apart, immeasurable but so close in this world where distances are too obvious in every sphere. If I had small children I would ask them:- would you children like to be dressed in apples?- And already I imagine a chorus of yeses and an irreverent little voice asking:- But can I dress in pears?- - We're working on it, children, we're working on it...-.

It is right that children are dreamers but it is incumbent on us to be able to turn their dreams into reality. Time passes quickly and it is time to say goodbye. Around the parking lot just outside the citadel walls, I saw trees laden with apples. I will go over and have a chat with them. I think they are proud of their social role--and the valley heat keeps caressing them. Forever and ever.