Enter our SPA


Health through water (literal translation "Salus per aquam" hence Spa) regenerative place of the physical, emotional and sensory stimulation where well-being is achieved, stimulating and engaging every sense.

The SPA can be considered a multi-sensory experience. Jurvedha embraces two worlds: that of beauty and that of wellness. The former related to skin, hair and skincare products that meet a purely cosmetic need, while the latter on products that are emotion-based and set on an experiential level.

In the SPA's multi-sensory journey, Jurvedha products are excellent allies... starting from the essential oils as an aromatic note to enhance the beneficial effects of the sauna, to the Purifying Scrub to gently smooth the skin thanks to the presence of natural cellulose and from the almond and peach oils to the Hydra Cream body cream enriched with Acai oil, beeswax and Vitamin that during the magical moment of the massage stimulates the elasticity of the dermis, until the end of the wellness journey when you sip Namaste' Infusion (herbs, roots and flowers) as a grand finale to end with inner well-being.

The Jurvedha product set, in its delightful eco-friendly shopping bag, accompanies the relaxing moments for a spa day.