Different environments, same energy

The key word is energy, the energy that predisposes us positively to situations, people or places.
An energy that is latent and ready to regress or amplify, advance and retreat, just like the tide.
But unlike it, not governed by the laws of universal gravitation but regulated by our inner attitude. Energy is motivation, energy is color, energy is good mood or bad mood. Energy is everything.
Almost everything. A place that infuses us with energy we tend to revisit. It makes us feel good, reassures us about our comfort zone, as does a person.

Why do we hang out with certain types of people and not others? Because of an inner affinity, because of shared values (not necessarily thought), because they make us feel good, because we vibrate on the same frequencies.

Physically speaking, all systems tend to a minimum of energy to be stable; human beings tend to a maximum to be active and proactive. Basically, the result does not change; it is still energy.
In the same way that plants need the carbon dioxide that we eschew, conversely we need the oxygen that they produce. This allows us to move on to another observation: what some banish, others crave.

This is depending on character, culture, age and social context. Isn't this all wonderful? When it is said that "the world is beautiful because it is varied," could we not mean all this? If everyone had the same tastes as everyone else, the same dreams, loved the same colors and backgrounds, wouldn't everything be extremely monochord? Doesn't the beauty of the world lie in its variety?

And the beauty of all that man creates does not lie in its variety. If there were only one musician, there would be only one kind of music and only one kind of audience. But no: we have the Wagner and the Beethoven, the Vivaldi and the Mozart, the Beatles and Dylan, The U2 and Pink Floyd. In variety we find satisfaction and beauty, harmony and contrast, gaps of energy, peaks of energy. And we find, most important, how this harmonizes with our feeling, our being, our path of inner growth.

As the water split by the boat cutter is poetry for some, it becomes merely salt in the eye for others. Therein lies the magic of the world we live in.

And like from a plant from which we steal a ripe fruit, we can "steal" from the world what we like most to fuel with positivity, our daily life and being. When I see new environments and new contexts, the first thought does not go to a simple "like" or "dislike," but to the person who generated it.

This allows me to extract from each situation, what positive (for me) it can give me. And then it becomes a gamble, a puzzle, an elaborate theorem "the pursuit of happiness," or that condition that allows you to live even in contexts that are not carved out for us.

Positive energy exists but one must know how to read it, unearth it, interpret it. Often the energetic condition of the human being is vitiated by his culture, his education and the historical context in which he is cast. But if the same woman, the same man were projected into a dissimilar world, would they not also find satisfaction in the latter? All the more so if one is born into a context. And physiologically we would not be different. Scientifically we could call it adaptation, proving that energy is everywhere. It is up to us to be able to grasp it. In my wanderings, like a wandering asteroid, enraptured and governed by the principles of dynamics , I came across two homes of dear friends. Very different and at the same time fascinating. So I set myself the equation to solve: People friends Different environments Very high energy Remember the transitive property? It goes something like this:- If A is friends with B and B is friends with C, then A is friends with C.

This obviously does not apply to friendship, or at least it does not apply infallibly mathematically.

But in our culture where rationality often becomes a fundamental pillar, it becomes normal to be spoiled by this property. In other words, I said to myself, if A is energy, the first environment is B and the second environment is C, what is it that binds them together. How can this disruptive power arise from two such different environments? The binder is us, in our simplicity in our shedding of all dogmas, clich├ęs, conventions.

Let us return women, let us return men who in their essence can find a reason for being. Only in this way can we breathe the essence of a person, the magic of a place, the uniqueness of a situation. Let us shake off our roles, let us step out of the theater of our everydayness in the knowledge that laying ourselves bare is our most disarming weapon. Let us postulate the fact that energy exists, always, and is everywhere. It is up to us to know how to seize it. Order and disorder. Order untidy Disorder orderly Euclidean geometries. How does feng shui fit into this? I think that beyond more or less complex rules, or sensations that the human being perceives in order to his inner characteristics, everyone has his own feng shui: everyone breathes the energy flow as he expects it, the way he reads it. A place, a dwelling, a work space is charged with energy in the time it is inhabited.

This is because the energy it incorporates is entirely personal and therefore positive. When we like a place it means that it has all the prerequisites to welcome us and enter our souls. When we become attached to it then it means that the place has become charged with our energy, or we with its energy. In other words: we have the same resonance frequency.

What about the people who inhabit it? Often the personality of a place is an architectural transposition of the soul of its inhabitant. This does not mean that if you see a house you can know who occupies it, but you can certainly glean something.

The owners wanted to remain anonymous, simply because people who enjoy a life behind the 48 49 scenes. And this, in a world fueled by qualunquism, presumptiousness and sensationalism that is useless but has a great hold on the mediocrity of so many people, weighs in their favor. Enjoying what one has, little or much, loving what one is while enjoying the sacrifice made to be so. All without exhibiting anything, flaunting even less, and sharing just enough. It may be an exhausting recipe these days but surely the best.

Therefore, I tried to match a figure to each of the rooms as my and the owners' imagination could create it. In reality, the actors are a transposition of the landlords or as they themselves once were before they built the nest they live in in their own image.