Products for the well-being and beauty of skin and hair

The ancient Indians called it swashta: the supreme condition of balance in which physical health is married to mental health. This concept was the basis of Ayurveda, the practice for longevity and knowledge.

Jurvedha® was born from this age-old wisdom for the beauty and health of skin and hair.

It is an innovative method based on specific massage techniques to give moments of profound well-being.

It is an academy that combines ancient studies and cutting-edge techniques.

It is a line of products designed to rebalance the skin and give beauty and radiance to the hair. Our formulas are enriched by the synergy of natural elements such as water, botanical extracts, flowers and aromatic plants from which we obtain the precious 100% pure essential oils.

It is an exclusive line, created and developed in Italy only for the best hairdressers.

It is the end result of a process that stems from nature and respects it, through eco-sustainable production throughout its entire chain: from the initial stages to packaging and communication materials.


On a daily basis, we strive to offer our customers superior products and services through fine ingredients of natural origin and a highly motivated staff of professionals.

Reception phase
Detoxifying Phase Skin Preparator
Washing phases
Balancing and Conditioning Phase
Nourishing Phase
Phase Restructuring, Detangling, Nourishing
Strengthening Phases


Nature in fashion

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