Normalizing, soothing, and sebum-regulating washing phase


Normalizing, soothing, sebum-regulating and toning washing phase. It is made from natural extracts and essential oils such as cranberry, white nettle, aloe vera and bitter orange, which have soothing and antioxidant properties, ylang-ylang and sage, which have sebum regulating and toning properties, and citron and cedarwood, which have revitalizing and antibacterial properties.
The synergy between these natural elements has a normalizing effect on excess sebum production in the scalp and a soothing action on a red and inflamed scalp.
Its biotin (Vitamin H) rich formula improves the overall health of hair while its high niacinamide (Vitamin PP) content has an antioxidant effect and improves the scalp's barrier function.
Its delicate formula, with an oily texture and free from artificial colourings, is suitable for frequent use and can also be used as a body wash.

How to use

Apply to damp scalp and hair, massaging gently. Leave for 2 minutes then rinse off. We recommend repeating the procedure if necessary. If there is a build-up of seborrhoea, the product should be applied on the scalp and hair while still dry. Proceed with applying the 5 ELEMENTI conditioning phase.
The action of the SHIVAN washing phase can be boosted by adding one to three drops of Jurvedha Peppermint essential oil.