Health and beauty products
for the scalp and hair

In ancient Indian wisdom it was called swashta, meaning the condition of supreme balance in which the health of the body and that of the mind are in perfect unison. This concept was at the root of Ayurveda, the practice of striving for longevity and knowledge.

Jurvedha® was born from this ancient knowledge, for the health and beauty of the scalp and hair.

Our company focuses on its products as well as on professional development in the belief that both are essential for delivering a superior quality service to the end customer.

Our academy combines ancient studies with state of the art technologies, and our method is based on specific massage techniques aimed at obtaining the full benefits of Jurvedha products and at the same time giving deep health and wellbeing.

Our products are conceived and developed in Italy, and are designed to restore the balance of your scalp and bring beauty and glossiness to your hair. Each formula is enriched by the synergy between natural ingredients such as botanical extracts, flowers and herbs from which we obtain the finest 100% pure essential oils.

Our real concern for sustainability and ethical awareness is a constant feature of our working method.

Each project is the end result of a process that starts from our respect for people and the world we live in and applies a method of production that is environmentally sustainable in all its aspects, from the initial idea through to its realization.