Lotus Clean

Detoxifying phase - Scalp preparation


Treatment with deep detoxifying power used to prepare the scalp. It is made from natural extracts and essential oils such as rosemary and tea tree oil, which have purifying and soothing properties, and eucalyptus, sweet almond and lavender oil, which have calming, emollient and regenerating properties. The synergy between these natural elements helps to rapidly remove dead skin cells and toxins form the scalp, improving oxygen absorption and boosting cell renewal. Its formula is enriched with alpha hydroxy acids, which are fruit acids with considerable moisturising and exfoliating properties.

How to use

Place the required quantity in the Jurvedha bowl using the pipette, and apply evenly on the scalp and shafts with the brush. Massage and leave for 5 to 15 minutes, as required. Proceed to apply the product selected for the washing phase. The action of the LOTUS CLEAN detoxifying phase can be boosted by adding one to three drops of the Jurvedha essential oil that is best suited to your needs.